In the shipping world and airline industry where almost everything is standardized, one realizes that the way to reduce cost may be obtained from the crew and employee cost. Every user know that engaging seafarers and employees from developing countries may give them means of reducing cost without decreasing the quality of the seafarers and employees.

The busy air traffic raise lots of airlines and air crafts. High demand for Pilots encourage people to take pilot school.  Our pilots are ready to fly and OK to board.

Indonesia with more than 17.000 islands is the largest archipelago in the world. With 75% of its area being straits and seas, it is natural that the people are sea minded people.Thousands are standing ashore waiting for the opportunity to sail.

They are the personnel we are offering you.Those offered to you by us are picked up selectively through stages laid down by our company in standardizing the selection.

The applicant will be required pass the selection based on their CV, interview in English, English test and medical test.

The most qualified medical test at the top class hospital is our special beat to guarantee Fit to Board result. It is our pride, our exclusive personnel for The Cruise Ship and Air Craft.

Proudly we present our Cruise Ship Crew and Officers, Pilots and Cabin Crew those are in prima condition, very good stamina, nice and galant performance, above 160 CM body height, handsome, clean shaved,  beautiful, well groom, upgraded, pour matte, enchanting, fragrance, without Glutathione addition, without silicon implantation, nice body shape without body building, fit and sterk by good welfare, maintained fresh from the ground and chill air temperature,  happy atmosphere,  full energy and shinning, very good English since they were kids, from national plus or international school and number one government favourite university or bonafide particular university. Our Pilots are graduate from the best Pilots School.  My bridge and cockpit have been made up and present amazing romantic air communication. They have open wide mind and vision, independent free soul that courage to explore the dazzle mesmerize Earth. They are the most facsinate assets for your companies. 

PT. DOLPHIN ANDRINITA offers you well trained experienced Seafarer, Pilot and Cabin Crew, Technician, Engineer, Executive, Staff, Doctor and Nurse, Hotelier and Massager, Fruit Picker for all open positions that you have.