The reason why we send you this proposal is based on the knowledge that more brand new ship is coming and finished dry dock, and the number of ships are increasing from year to year, resulting in the needs to hire qualified crew and officer.

The technology advances and the modern life require more Technician and Engineer, Executive, Professional, Staff and employee for The Gas, Petroleum and Energy, Drilling, Mining, Industrial, Automotive Factory, Ship Builder, Air Craft Builder, Construction and City Developer. Then there are more people need to cruise and fly over the world, more people do overnight in the hotel, more people higher the life standard, demand the courtessy and comfortness. These economy activities raise The Sea, Air and Land Transportation. It has been made The Airline, Airport, Sea Port, Marine and Hotel Industry became shimmering, full energy and shinning. We are very please to be acquired as your Hiring Partnership or Subsidiary to parcitipate in this current increasing volume.

Every search that we undertake is unique. Assignment are conducted with a complete understanding of the customer's needs and expectation. We personally care for the preparation of the candidates in order to guarantee a high level professionalism and enable your company to sustain the business.

To meet the standard of guest service excellence in The Passenger Cruise Ship and Hospitality Industry, PT. DOLPHIN ANDRINITA give the pre-departure briefing for The Marine Personnel with a special focus on communication barrier, Shipboard Life, Ship Drill, Health and Sanitation, USPH Standard, Port and Country regulation. Kindly we refresh the skill of passenger touch service personnel : The Receptionist, The Bartender, Bartendris, Bar Waiter/ss, Dining Room Waiter/ss and Cabin Attendant.

We shall be happy to sit with you or your authorized representative for further discuss with the end of view in spawning a mutually beneficial and acceptable agreement.

Please also take into consideration that our company is the holder of official licenses while being responsible as reputable company.

With profound respect for your kindness to proceed in the near future.

With every good wish, we are,
Very trully yours,