Many companies have been established. Many supply Indonesian seafarers to foreign companies. But many not prepared themselves with good human resource and perform their activities professionally.

PT. DOLPHIN ANDRINITA started its activities in the supply of the human resources to The Sea :  Foreign Cruise Line, River Cruise, Yacht and Speed Boat, Harbour Ship, Seagoing Ship, Oceangoing Ship, Offshore Seagoing, Offshore Platform, Offshore LNG, to The Airlines : The Aircraft, The Airport, to The Landbase : Shore Based Gas and Petroleum, Construction, Automotive Factory, Industrial, Office, Hospital, Hotel include Massage and Spa in Qatar, Oman, Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, Persian Gulf and Middle East, Fruit Picker at Plantation in New Zealand and Australia, Ship Yard, Ship Builder, Ship Repair and Maintenance in Asia Pacific.

Realizing how important it is for the worker to compete in the international range, an understanding was reached that there shall be no other way than to create qualified worker by education and training program.

Special requests of mine are the orientation and sincere welcome to my Human Resources. The Travel Briefing about travel documents, air tickets and airports, the pick up service, accommodation and meals, money currency, money exchange, The Life Onboard Briefing and  Job Occupatiton Briefing will be conducted before Departure. The guiding, orientation and sincere welcome will surely fulfill the expectation of the users and companies.