For ship owner and user, we have made the simple process to help them be freed of unnecessary formal and bureaucratic process as it will be handle by us once we have the honour to serve it.

We understand that the user may request more information. It will be at your disposal upon request.

Here are the simple thing to do: PLEASE CONTACT US AND LET US SERVE YOU.

Office Address :

Rukan Grand Aries Niaga, Block A1 No. 2P

Puri Kembangan, West Jakarta, 11620


Contact Person : Sintawati (Directress) 
Phone Number : +6221-5890-9753
E-mail Address :

Discussion to be held on cooperation, leading to the signing of a manning agreement.

You are then assured of the services we offered you and do not have to worry about the process.

We will do anything we can, to ensure your satisfaction, your way, as what you would like.
We are dedicated to providing the good service for you.

Sun Shine at The Grey Cloud.