PT. DOLPHIN ANDRINITA maybe new as a human resource agency. It was established in March 2012 and has license since June 2011 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

It is our pride as The Commissioner of Yokohama Grace Training Center in Klaten, Central Java. Balai Latihan Kerja Yokohama Grace train the human resource for the Industrial and Automotive Factory in Japan and Korea. We provide Floating Hotel Training Center at AO Graha in Yogyakarta and Bali . Our seafarers are equiped with all necessary certificates in accordance with the international requirements.‍

PT. DOLPHIN ANDRINITA has the activities in the supply of the human resources to THE SEA :  Pleasure Ship as Foreign Cruise Line, River Cruise and Yacht,  Offshore as Platform, LNG, Crew Boat, PSV, Utility Vessel, ERRV or Standby Vessel, AHT and AHTS, Oceangoing Ship as Crude Oil Tanker Ship, Chemical Tanker Ship, LPG Tanker Ship, LNG Tanker Ship, Cargo Ship, Ocean Tug, Seagoing Ship as Tug Boat and Barge, Ferry as Island transportasion, Speed Boat as Small Island transportation, Harbour Ship as Harbour Tug, ASD Tug, LCT and Dredger, Shore Based as Gas and Petroleum, to THE AIRLINE : Pilot and Cabin Crew, Ground Handling, Passenger Handling, Airport Staff, to THE LAND : Construction, Industrial, Automotive Factory, Office ( Executive and Staff ), Hospital ( Doctor, Nurse and Staff ), Hotel include Massage and Spa in Qatar, Oman, Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, Persian Gulf and Middle East, Ship Yard , Ship Builder, Ship Repair and Maintenance in Asia Pacific, Fruit Picker at  Plantation in Australia and New Zealand

We looked upon this sector with deep serious thoughts. Data and information were compiled and studied. The result was a decision to offer our good trained and well educated human resource. University, academy, training center and courses have been made them as the good one.

PT. DOLPHIN ANDRINITA operates as labours supplier include for Marine Personnel. However, it has its own formal procedures in its deployments. Marine personnel are technically under supervision of The Ministry of Sea Transport.

We maintain good relation with all relevant government that having formal direct and indirect connection with the process of recruitment of Indonesian seafarers. It is therefore assured that appointing us will be the right thing to do.

PT. DOLPHIN ANDRINITA has wide contact for Sea Based, Airlines , Airports,  Shore Based and Land Based. It would be an advantage to work with us and let's do your work in Indonesia.